Use this page to access some extras that don't appear in wordbuildonline or in our books. We have eliminated the login section for book users for a number of reasons. Our customer base is switching to wordbuildonline, and it differentiates automatically. With only a small number of users accessing the supplemental content, maintaining a login/credential system is no longer economically feasible. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Here is a fun list showing Greek & Latin versions of colors

Check out this document about the Greek and Latin nomenclature for numbers

What about body parts you ask? Don't be nervous, take a look!

If you're using Elements Level 1 either online or in printed form, here is a fun bonus activity for a group. It is a little labor intensive up front, but once you have all the pieces it's easy. Start by reading the instructions, then print the boards, pieces, and lists.


Board for Roots 1-5

Pieces for Roots 1-5

Word List for Roots 1-5

Board for Roots 6-10

Pieces for Roots 6-10

Word List for Roots 6-10

Board for Roots 11-15

Pieces for Roots 11-15

Word List for Roots 11-15

Board for Roots 16-20

Pieces for Roots 16-20

Word List for Roots 16-20

Board for Roots 21-25

Pieces for Roots 21-25

Word List for Roots 21-25

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