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All Dynamic Literacy products are based on morphology, the study of the units of meaning in words. Just as phonology is the study of the sounds that make up words, morphology is the study of the meaningful pieces of words. A mastery of phonics helps students “sound out” unfamiliar words; a mastery of morphics helps students “mean out” unfamiliar words.

Classroom Programs

Foundations Series
Foundations is the first in the WordBuild series of vocabulary products designed for students from third grade through college and adult literacy programs. This series contains two years of morphics based instruction and teaches students the grammatical roles and meanings of prefixes and suffixes in ordinary English words. Foundations activities are designed to encourage conversations about words, and lead to an awareness of morphics. Learn more...


Elements Series
Elements is the second in the WordBuild series of vocabulary products for classrooms. This series contains three years of morphics based instruction and instills students with a deep understanding of the most common Latin and Greek root families. Students will learn the system behind thousands of words, leading to the confidence expressed by one student: "I'm not afraid of big words anymore!" Learn more...

School-to-Home Programs

WordBuild the Game is an interactive computer game designed to make morphics based instruction fun! Players select a root and use prefixes and suffixes to string together as many words as they can.

Available for single users or an entire school, this supplemental tool can help build any English speaker’s vocabulary. The game’s database includes over 18,000 words and the networked version of this game is used in schools across America. The game provides humorous audio feedback, tracks high scores by root, and prints player word lists/score sheets. People who simply love words will find the Game exciting and challenging.
Learn more...

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