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Educator Testimonials

Here’s what educators are saying about the WordBuild® Vocabulary Development System

“It is a pleasure for me to see the walls of the classrooms where the WordBuild Vocabulary Development System is in use. Gone are the memorized lists and silly sentences, replaced now by meaningful lists of words in root families. In one of our lowest performing middle schools, teachers are convinced that the program has enhanced vocabulary learning with an instrumental effect on AYP status achieved for the first time.”

Mary Zolman, Ph.D., English Language Arts Supervisor
Arlington Public Schools, Arlington, Va.

“The amazing thing we have noticed is that although the WordBuild Vocabulary Development System has been used in middle school English classes, teachers in other disciplines have brought it into their teaching, often at the behest of students. One English teacher put it this way:

‘Students are additionally blessed by using WordBuild in their other classes. They recognize roots in vocabulary in other academic subjects. They are given the confidence to tackle and read new words and often understand what these new words mean. The program is the basis for successful academic growth and achievement we are seeing in our school. WordBuild has empowered my students and gives them the confidence and success in the classroom.’”

Cindy Crance, Director of Instruction
Rockbridge County Public Schools, Lexington, Va.

“The WordBuild Vocabulary Development System is an exceptional value in today’s educational products marketplace. Since strong vocabulary instruction is such an important part of our curriculum, we have made it an integral part of our staff development program and teachers have been eager to make WordBuild a part of their teaching repertoire. The program is user friendly and a unique alternative to traditional vocabulary study. As I visit classrooms where it’s being used, I can attest to the fact that the conversation about words is richer now than ever before.”

Brian Shirley, English Curriculum Supervisor
Augusta County Schools, Fishersville, Va.

“The key to any successful vocabulary program is practice, practice, practice, and the WordBuild Vocabulary Development System provides ample opportunities to do this. Word recognition adds to vocabulary success on tests. Students will not know every word they see. They need to recognize what they know, apply it, and them make an educated guess. This is especially true for second language students. Students can handle more than we think they can, especially if they think it is fun. And WordBuild is fun!”

Dinorah MacElwain, Instructional Lead Teacher/Reading Skills Specialist
Gunston Middle School, Arlington Public Schools, Arlington, Va.

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