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Who is Dynamic Literacy, LLC?
Dynamic Literacy is committed to improving vocabulary, language and reading comprehension for students through the WordBuild® Vocabulary Development System. The company was established in 2002 and is headquartered in Charlottesville, Va.

What type of products does Dynamic Literacy offer?
Designed to expand a student’s vocabulary, the WordBuild Vocabulary Development System is a collection of educational materials that communicate the structure of the English language to students. The vocabulary curriculum is comprised of two series, Foundations and Elements.

For whom is the WordBuild Vocabulary Development System designed?
The WordBuild Vocabulary Development System is designed for grades 3-12. Foundations is intended for students in grades 3-5, and available for vocabulary intervention in grades 6 and up. Elements is intended for grades 5-9, and available for vocabulary intervention in grades 10 and up.

How do Dynamic Literacy’s products expand students’ vocabulary?
The company’s vocabulary curriculum is based on morphology, or the study of the units of meaning in words. Similar to how phonics helps students “sound out” unfamiliar words, a mastery of Morphics® helps students “mean out” unfamiliar words.

What sets this vocabulary curriculum apart from other programs?
The WordBuild Vocabulary Development System takes advantage of the fact that a majority of the English words are built from Latin and Greek prefixes, roots and suffixes. By learning the meanings of a few hundred building blocks, students have access to tens of thousands of words.

Why is vocabulary development important for students?
Having an expansive vocabulary enhances a student’s ability to master content area reading, which improves their performance in all academic subjects. Through the program students build sustainable gains in vocabulary, spelling and comprehension to encourage a lifetime of reading.

What kind of research supports the WordBuild Vocabulary Development System?
Students who understand how words are formed, by combining prefixes, suffixes and roots, tend to have larger vocabularies and better reading comprehension, according to a study from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. In the article, “Morphological Analysis – Shedding New Light on a Vital Reading Skills,” Assistant Professor Nonie Lesaux examines a group of elementary school students, many of whom are English language learners, and how they used this insight to build a successful reading strategy.

Where is the WordBuild Vocabulary Development System being used?
With nearly 60,000 student users, the WordBuild Vocabulary Development System is already a success in more than 100 schools across the United States. States where the schools are located include Illinois, New York, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, California, and the District of Columbia. A complete list of districts that use the product is available upon request.

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