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Dynamic Literacy Releases Second Level in Elements Series
Curriculum Helps Students Gain Vocabulary Skills Needed for Content Area Reading

CHARLOTTESVILLE – September 27, 2007 - Dynamic Literacy, a developer of vocabulary curriculum, announces the release of Elements Level 2. The Elements series is part of the WordBuild® Vocabulary Development System, a spiraling vocabulary curriculum based on morphics® for students in grades 3-12.

The Elements series is designed for students that have mastered phonics and are beginning to rely on textbooks to acquire content area knowledge. Focusing on the most frequently used Latin and Greek morphemes, students using the Elements series are learning how English words are built and strategies to determine pieces of meaning embedded in words.

“A deep understanding of the prefixes, roots and suffixes that make up English words can help students determine an unfamiliar word’s part of speech and meaning,” said Dr. David Larrick, author of the second level of the Elements series. “A student who understands morphics will see clues within unfamiliar words they encounter in academic text, newspaper articles and high-stakes assessments.”

Student activity books present a year’s worth of classroom exercises designed to teach students to break complex words into prefixes, roots and suffixes while they learn the meanings of the most frequently used Latin and Greek roots by manipulating word parts. Unlike memorized word lists, weekly study is centered on root families that make vocabulary connections to science and other content areas possible.

“When teachers see the program for the first time, they often ask ‘Why haven’t we always taught English vocabulary this way?’” said Larrick, a Latin and Greek teacher in public school for 25 years. “Students say, ‘I wish I had known about this before.’ Now here is an instructional tool to benefit both teachers and students.”

About Dynamic Literacy

Dynamic Literacy, LLC is committed to improving vocabulary, language, and reading comprehension for students through the WordBuild® Vocabulary Development System. Based on frequently used Latin and Greek roots, the program is a collection of educational materials designed to communicate the structure of the English language to students of all ages. Gaining the skills necessary to decipher unfamiliar words helps improve students’ performance in the classroom and on high-stakes assessments. The company was established in 2002 and is headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia. For more information, visit or phone 888-696-8597.



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