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Gerald V. Bailey
President & CEO

Dr. Brian M. Campbell
Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Thomas H. Estes

Kenneth E. Hankins
Marketing and Distribution Advisor

Dr. Rollin David Larrick
Director of Instructional Content

Reginald F. Woods
Chairman of the Board


Brian M. Campbell, Chief Financial Officer

Brian has been an entrepreneur and an economic consultant throughout his 38-year business career. He began in 1968 with an aviation consulting firm in New York and has worked in commercial aviation ever since. In 1973, he became vice president in charge of the firm’s Washington office.

In 1977, he became a cofounder of Midway Airlines, Inc., the first new scheduled startup carrier after airline deregulation. At Midway he served as vice president–finance, chief financial officer, and treasurer. Brian participated significantly in raising $5.7 million of venture capital to fund Midway’s startup. At Midway he was responsible for all financial planning, development of the budgeting system, purchasing, management of the outside accountants, and development and installation of the accounting and internal control systems.

In 1980, he left Midway and formed another new startup airline company at which he served as Chairman and CEO. Due to public market conditions in 1981–82, it never achieved operational financing, but in the process he selected the investment banker (Piper Jaffray), led a successful effort to raise $1.0 million in seed capital from angels, managed the company’s SEC registration for an IPO, and negotiated definitive aircraft lease agreements.

He returned to the aviation consulting business in 1983 and has been the founder and cofounder of two specialized consulting firms. He has recently retired from his position as chairman of The Campbell-Hill Aviation Group, headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia. Throughout his consulting career he has assisted numerous startup companies with business plan preparation, financial forecasting, detailed market analyses, and strategic planning studies.

Currently he serves as vice chairman and acting chief financial officer of Dynamic Literacy, LLC; is a member of the advisory board of the University of Virginia Heart and Vascular Center; a member of the advisory board of Targeson, LLC, a UVa-based biotechnology company; and is a member of the Virginia Active Angel Network. He earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University, an MBA from the University of Western Ontario, and a PhD in Business Administration from Columbia University.


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